We're planting life-giving faith communities in the most unchurched area of the Netherlands.



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Our Story


Our Vision

Before we met each other, the Lord had called each of us to serve Him in the Netherlands. Little did we know that a year later, we would meet at Northpoint Bible College and that from there our first connections to the Netherlands would emerge.Married now and with our three boys (Charlie, Oliver and Henri), we moved to the Netherlands in May, 2012.

Our work is planting faith communities in the villages of North Holland that are without an evangelical witness. Ultimately, our vision is to see a true Gospel movement take place that will take what others have called the "barren north" and turn in into an oasis of renewal. 


“Though they walk through the valley of weeping, they will turn it into a place of springs.”

— Psalm 84:6, The vision verse of Oase Bergen


The Oase Story

Oase (Oasis) Bergen, as we know her today, began in 2017. The roots of her story, however, reach back more than 30 years in time to a group of hopeful Christians in the village of Bergen. 

The last Evangelical church in the village had just closed its doors and it seemed that all hopes for a life-giving community of faith in Bergen were shattered. However, a small group of Christians dared to hope against all hope. Not knowing from where the answer would come, they believed that the Creator of heaven and earth heard their prayers. They could not have known that the answer would come in the form of a missionary enterprise some 30 years later. (Read the full story here)


In our gatherings, live translation is provided via our smartphone app. This has done wonders is crossing the language barrier for our English speaking community, allowing everyone to engage in the Word of God together. For those who missed the gathering or want to listen to the message again, we do a weekly recap in English. Click here to catch the latest recap.


Get involved

Our work is made possible by the support of generous individuals, businesses and churches from around the world.

If you would like to discover different ways you can get behind this work as well, please contact us here.